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Acusto-optics Page up
Optimisation of construction of the two-channel acousto-optic modulator for radio-signal phase detection 55
Amorphous materials Page up
On the microstructural origin of reversible photoinduced transformations in amorphous As2Se3 19
Cathode discharge Page up
Excitation space anisotropy, coherence and coherent conductivity in hollow cathode discharge 51
Radial inhomogeneity in a shape of spectral line emitted from hollow cathode discharge 345
Holograpy  Page up
Improvement methods of reconstruction process in digital holography 203
Properties of different LC cells with high optical anisotropy as a dynamic holographic media 243
Image processing Page up
Multichannel capacitance tomograph for dynamic process imaging 175
3D object data acquisition and processing for virtual reality applications 181
Colour temperature estimation algorithm for digital images - properties and convergence 193
Colour image segmentation algorithm in vectoral approach for automated optical inspection in electronics 197
Segmentation and feature extraction for reliable classification of microcalcifications in digital mammograms 227
Use of two-dimensional matched filters for estimating a length of blood vessels newly created in angiogenesis process 237
Face detection in colour images using fuzzy Hough transform 247
Information theory based medical images processing 253
Fingerprint identification by using artificial neural network with optical wavelet preprocessing 327
A super-resolution method based on signal fragmentation 339
Infrared detectors Page up
Quantum dot infrared photodetector 1
HgCdTe epilayers on GaAs: growth and devices 99
Analysis of VLWIR HgCdTe photodiode performance 143
Spectral detectivity and NETD of doping-spike PtSi-p-Si and HIP GeSi-Si detectors 161
Status of HgCdTe photodiodes at the Military University of Technology 211
Lasers  Page up
Low cost lasers challenge ultrafast systems in two-photon excitation applications 39
IIIV Nitrides Page up
Free-standing non-polar gallium nitride substrates 7
Fully self-consistent three-dimensional model of edge-emitting nitride diode lasers 65
Designing of possible structures of nitride vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers 119
Simulation of threshold operation of GaInNAs diode lasers 139
InNAs a new optoelectronic material for mid-infrared applications 321
Noise Page up
Method of popcorn-noise reduction 45
Optical crystals Page up
Optical crystals survived in information technology systems 77
Photon devices Page up
Single-photon devices in quantum cryptography 127
Quantum cascade lasers Page up
High power quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) grown by GasMBE 85 
Quantum wells Page up
Control of ferromagnetism in Cd1xMnxTe quantum wells 133
Semiconductor materials Page up
Conductivity type conversion in p-CdxHg1xTe 93
Kinetics of photoluminescence of porous silicon studied by photo-luminescence excitation spectroscopy and time-resolved spectroscopy 113 
Conductivity anisotropy of CdHgTe MBE layers with a periodic surface microrelief 151
New mid-infrared optical sources based on isotropic semiconductors (zinc selenide and gallium arsenide) using total internal reflection quasi-phase-matching 155
Multilayer strained Si-SiGe structures: fabrication problems, interface characteristics and physical properties  169
Sensors Page up
Gloss inspection of metallic products by diffractive optical element based sensor 35
Application of polarisation-maintaining side-hole fibres to direct force measurement 305
Low cost velocity sensor based on the self-mixing effect in a laser diode 313
Solar cells Page up
Electron traps in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 absorbers of thin film solar cells studied by junction capacitance techniques 261
Industrial technology of multicrystalline silicon solar cells 269
Photoluminescence study of ZnO/CdS/Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells 277
Improvement in silicon thin film solar cell efficiency 281
Optimisation of monocrystalline silicon solar cell 291
Fabrication of thin film polycrystalline CIS photovoltaic heterostructure 297
Spectroscopy Page up
Anomalous optogalvanic signal. Spectrometric applications 31

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