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Image processing Page up
New trends in image compression 161
Semiconductor lasers; laser diodes Page up
MBE technology of semiconductor quantum well lasers 101
Application of avalanche effect in transistors for shaping of the pulse driving diode laser 58
Lasers optical systems: design and operation Page up
Temporal coherence and mode structure of the He-Ne laser beam spectrum 117
Inwestigation of optical elements in laser system: a plane parallel plate 123
Optical materials Page up
 Mechanism of photoinduced optical effects in amorphous As2S3, Part II.
 Reversible changes of opti-cal properties
The technology of low defect density, “epiready” substrates on the basis of  ZnSe1-xSx?   0.15 crystals 157
Liquid crystals Page up
 Electro-optical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystals containing non-spherical liquid crystal droplets 62
Optical elements, devices, and systems Page up
Optical radar processor:
Part I. Theoretical considerations concerning proces-sor elaboration
Optical radar processor:
Part II. Structure and experimental investigations of the optical radar processor
Optical telecommunication systems and devices Page up
Decomposition of Jones matrix on the quaternions field and its application in fiber components modeling 51
Integrated optics Page up
 Optoelectronic integrated devices Part I. Principles, technology and applications 1
Waveguides, couplers and arrays Page up
Modes in rectangular fibers 46
Crystal lattice dynamics Page up
Magnetophonon resonance with subtracted phonon frequencies in semiconductor solid solutions 140
Optical properties of specific thin films and low-dimensional structures Page up
Optical properties of semiconductor quantum wells 83
Excitonic luminescence in strained quantum wells 135
Silicon - based heterostructures in optoelectronics 77
Specific materials: fabrications, treatment, testing, and analysis Page up
Influence of composition fluctuations on galvanomagnetic properties of HgCdTe solid solution after laser annealing 145
Optoelectronic devices  Page up
 Silicon solarcells 129
Semiconductor ultra violet photodetectors, Vigo System Ltd. - winner of „The 1996 Photonics Circie of Excellence Award”,   IV(no.l/2) 13
Biological and medical physics Page up
Lasers in medicine: Progress of technology  80
Infrared spectroscopic analysis in application to onco-hematological diagnostics 151

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