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Characterization of semiconductor materials Page up
Band structure and the model of a disorder in the In4Se3 crystal 123
Radiation-induced paramagnetic centres in amorphous chalcegenide semiconductors 39
Temperature dependence of the amplitudes of the magneto-phonon oscillations in the Hg1-x-yCdxZnyTe solid solutions 35
Fiber optics Page up
Fourier transform analysis of the spectral modulations obtained at the output of a two-mode optical fiber 111
Frequency modulated fiber optic electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) and its applications. Part I: Hardware and software design 69
Frequency modulated fiber optic electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) and its applications. Part II: Selected applications 82
New polarimetric detection system 161
Infrared detectors Page up
Epitaxial mercury cadmium telluride requirements for infrared photodiodes 279
InGaAs infrared detectors 225
Infrared photovoltaic detectors 205
PbSnTe photodiodes: theoretical predictions and experimental data 21
Performance limitations of photon and thermal infrared detectors 257
Recent developments in HgCdTe photovoltaic detectors 217
Silicon-germanium heterostructures: properties, technology and application in infrared detectors 191
Thermal detectors - breakthrough in infrared technology 55
Image processing Page up
Information imaging 11
Liquid crystals Page up
Application of liquid crystals in optical processing of optical signals 93
Light modulation features by cholesteric-nematic transition in nematic-cholesteric liquid crystal mixtures 47
Low-dimensional solids Page up
Structural investigations of InAs/Ga1-xInxSb strained layer superlattices 129
Miscellany Page up
Department of  Optoelectronics at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Informatics of the Technical University of  Gdansk 63
R&D studies carried out by the YIGO-System Ltd. as exemplary ones for self-financing enterprises 285
Nonlinear optics Page up
Wide-band tunable and multiple noncritical phase-matching in nonlinear optics 31
Optical detectors Page up
Analysis of operation conditions of avalanche photodiode on signal to noise ratio 249
Liquid phase epitaxial III-V technology for photodetectors manufacturing 155
Silicon photodetectors - current stale 137
Optical elements, devices and systems Page up
Fog detection and visibility measurements using forward scattered infrared radiation 107
Fourier transform analysis of spectral modulations obtained at the output of the uncompensated Michelson interferometer 117
Optical investigations modifications of CrN layers obtained by ion beam assisted deposition process 133
Scanning near-field optical microscopy 295
Optical materials Page up
Irreversible gigantic modification of II-VI and III-V semiconductors optical properties 243
Peculiarities of refractive index temperature dispersion of Ge-As-S-I glasses system 43
Optoelectronic devices Page up
Long-range optoelectronic sensor 267
Optoelectronic integrated devices. Part II. Advanced optical functions and surface-emitting capability 233
Semiconductor lasers Gallium nitride The perspective winner in the blu-laser competition 59
Grating out-coupled surface emitting high power lasers 1
Solar cells Page up
Defects in the photovoltaic structures based on CuInSe2 183
Multiinterface solar cell with active substructure buried in single-crystal Si by implantation processing 175
Principles of photovoltaic conversion of energy 271
Polycrystalline thin film solar cells 167
Utilisation of solar energy 147

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