Volume 3 (1995)
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Breaktrough in infrared technology - the micromachined thermal detector arrays 
J. Piotrowski 
Laser beam control devices on the base of lithium niobate single crystals 
A.T. Mikhaleyich, A.O. Matkowski, D.Yu. Sugak, I.M. Solskii, V. M. Gaba, B. M. Kopko and M. Kuzma
Application of piezoelectric transducers for parametric sources 
E. Kozaczka and G. Grelowska
High resolution IR laser spectral analysis in nondestructive onco-hematological diagnostics and semiconductor technique applications 
S.D. Darchuk. L. A. Korovina, V. G. Bebeshko and F.F. Sizov 
The interferometric measurement of fiber optic polarizer extinction ratio 
L.R. Jaroszewicz and A. Kiezun 
DFB lasers with 25 mW power level for CATV 
L.A. Stark 
Vol. 3, No 2 Page up
The microscopic structures for planar and conventional optics, theory and technology 
J. Popelek, F. Urban and F. Matejka
Spectroscopy and radiation defects of the Gd3Ga5O12 single crystals 
A.O. Matkowski, D.Yu. Sugak, S. B. Ubizskii and l. V. Kityk
Fabry-Perot fiber optic interferometer using 2x2coupler 
A.Kiezun, L.R. Jaroszewicz and M. Szustakowski
Hybrid integrated optical devices and elements, methods and the results 
L.l. Konopaltseva and N. P. Sytchova
Diffraction pattern conversion as a method to exhibit the average droplet diameter of fuel aerosol 
T. Opara
Vol. 3, No 3 and 4 Page up
In the beginning was light 
A. Karbowiak 
Influence of DV and y radiation on optical features of YAG crystals doped with Ce, Pr, Nd. Ho, Tm, Cr and Mg 
S. Kaczmarek, A.O. Matkowski, Z. Mierczyk. K. Kopczynski, D. Sugak and Z. Frukacz
A new generation of silicon solar cells with ultrahigh efficiency 
Z. T. Kuznicki
Infrared quantum-well devices 
M. Zaluzny
Adsorbed meatl film influence on the electro-physical properties of solar elements
A. N. Zayilopulo, A. V. Snegursky and Yu.A. Romanovski
Novel materials and structures for solar energy conversion 
V. Masfyuk. A. Lada, Y. Loya. Y. Starodub and Y. Serdyuk
Periodic distribution of components in HgCdTe caused by laser treatment 
M. Kuzma
ZnxCdyHg1-x-y solid solutions - an alternative material for infrared devices 
E.M. Sheregii
Mechanism of photoinduced optical effects in amorphous As2S3 
Part 1: Irreversible changes of optical properties 
0.I. Shpotyuk
Polymer waveguides obtained by deposition from solution 
C. Mirica, l. N. Mihailescu, V. Vasieu and S. Levai
The influence of water and temperature on the strength of optical fibers 
J. Rayss, J. Widomski and W. M. Podkoscielny
Q-switching of a Nd:YAG laser with a ring resonator using external stimulated Brillouin scattering 
A. Mocofanescu, D. Udaiyan and M. J. Damzen
Image processing methods used in automated quality control of fiberplates 
G. Kukielka and J. Woznicki 

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