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Vol. 9, No 1 and abstracts
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Materials and process issues in the fabrication of high performance VLWIR HgCdTe infrared detectors 
H.R. Vydyanath and V. Nathan
High power diode lasers: topics relevant to optical pumping 
B. Mroziewicz
Diode-pumped solid-state lasers
Z. Jankiewicz and K. Kopczynski
Strained layer SCH SQW InGaAs/GaAs lasers for 980-nm band
M. Bugajski, B. Mroziewicz, K. Reginski, J. Muszalski, J. Kubica, M. Zbroszczyk, P. Sajewicz, T. Piwonski, A. Jachymek, R. Rutkowski, T. Ochalski, A. Wojcik, E. Kowalczyk, A. Malag, A. Kozlowska, L. Dobrzanski, and A. Jagoda
Oxide crystals for solid state laser applications
T. Lukasiewicz, A. Majchrowski, and Z. Mierczyk
High repetition rate, V3+:YAG crystal Q-switched diode pumped Nd lasers
J.K. Jabczynski, Z. Mierczyk, W. Zendzian, K. Kopczynski, and Z. Frukacz
Epitaxial RE3+:YAG planar waveguide lasers 
M. Malinowski, J. Sarnecki, R. Piramidowicz, P. Szczepanski, and W. Wolinski
Investigation on passively Q-switched Nd:YAG slab laser pumped by 2D quasi cw diode laser stack
W. Zendzian, J.K. Jabczynski, and Z. Mierczyk
Spectral and generation characteristics of YAG:Nd3+ crystals with high concentration of Nd3+ ions
Z. Mierczyk, K. Kopczynski, W. Zendzian, and T. Lukasiewicz
UHV plasma enhanced CVD system for preparation of new generation amorphous silicon based efficient solar cells
J. Jonas, P. Rava, T. Stapinski, and E. Walasek
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Vol. 9, No 2 and abstracts
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Miniaturisation: enabling technology for the new millennium
M. Razeghi and H. Mohseni
Crystal growth of new functional materials for electro-optical applications
T. Fukuda, K. Shimamura, A. Yoshikawa, and E.G. Víllora
Wide bandgap III-Nitride semiconductors: opportunities for future optoelectronics
Y.S. Park
Epitaxy on GaN bulk crystals
M. Leszczynski, P. Prystawko, R. Czernecki, J. Lehnert, P. Perlin, P. Wisniewski, Cz. Skierbiszewski, T. Suski, G. Nowak, F. Karouta, J. Holst, I. Grzegory, and S. Porowski
Possibilities and limitations of multioxides crystals growth
M. Berkowski, J. Fink-Finowicki, and R. Aleksiyko
Growth and characterization of single crystals of ternary chalcogenides for laser applications
L. Isaenko, A. Yelisseyev, J.J. Zondy, G. Knippels, I. Thenot, and S. Lobanov
Strain in epitaxial laterally overgrown (ELO) structures
Z.R. Zytkiewicz
Recent developments and applications of quantum well infrared photodetector focal plane arrays
S.D. Gunapala, S.V. Bandara, J.K. Liu, E.M. Luong, S.B. Rafol, J.M. Mumolo, D.Z. Ting, J.J. Bock, M.E. Ressler, M.W. Werner, P.D. LeVan, R. Chehayeb, C.A. Kukkonen , M. Levy, P. LeVan, and M. A. Fauci
GaAs/AlGaAs p-type multiple-quantum wells for infrared detection at normal incidence: model and experiment
F. Szmulowicz, G.J. Brown, H.C. Liu, A. Shen, Z.R. Wasilewski, and M. Buchanan
Infrared detectors at the beginning of the next millennium
A. Rogalski
Design and fabrication of GaSb/InGaAsSb/AlGaAsSb mid-infrared photodetectors
T.T. Piotrowski, A. Piotrowska, E. Kaminska, M. Piskorski, E. Papis, K. Golaszewska, J. Katcki, J. Ratajczak, J. Adamczewska, A. Wawro, J. Piotrowski, Z. Orman, J. Pawluczyk, and Z. Nowak
Wigner crystal and other insulating phases of two-dimensional electrons in high magnetic fields
B. Podor
Some properties of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes
P. Byszewski and Z. Klusek
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Vol. 9, No 3 and abstracts Page up
Photonic systems for local image processing
R. Buczynski, K.B. Viet, T. Szoplik, I. Veretennicoff, and H. Thienpont
Hybrid methods of acquisition and analysis of  3D shape information
M. Kujawinska
Free-space micro-optical modules: the missing link for photonic interconnects to silicon chips
H. Thienpont, V. Baukens, B. Volckaerts, H. Ottevaere, C. Debaes, M. Vervaeke, P. Tuteleers, P. Vynck, A. Hermanne, M. Hanney, M. Brunfaut, J.M. Van Campenhout, and I. Veretennicoff
Recent advances in silicon guided-wave MOEMS: from the technology to the applications
C. Gorecki
Polarisation switching in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers: from experimental observations to applications
G. Verschaffelt, K. Panajotov, J. Albert, B. Nagler, M. Peeters, J. Danckaert, I. Veretennicoff, and H. Thienpont
Optical fields in complex multilayered structures of modern semiconductor optoelectronic devices
W. Nakwaski
Liquid crystal fiber-optic systems in information processing
T.R. Wolinski, A.W. Domanski, M.A. Karpierz, and M. Sierakowski
Beam switching at planar photonic structures
W. Nasalski
Photorefractive materials and solitons
W. Krolikowski, B. Luther-Davies, and Y. Krivshar
Multimode interference structures - new way of passive elements technology for photonics
M. Blahut and A. Opilski
Neural network based automatic diffraction pattern recognition
K.A. Cyran, L.R. Jaroszewicz, and T. Niedziela
Generation and diagnostics of femtosecond light pulses
C. Radzewicz, P. Wasylczyk, and J.S. Krasinski, 
Towards the evolution of neural networks
 B. Macukow and M. Grzenda
Magneto-optics in bi-gyrotropic garnet waveguide
O. Barta, J. Pistora, J. Vlcek, F. Stanek, and T. Kreml 
Planar gradient tapered waveguide in glass
R. Rogozinski
Inherent and additional limitations of HgCdTe heterojunction photodiodes
J. Rutkowski and J. Wenus
Degenerate self-imaging Fourier filters
M.J. Matczak and J.A. Mamczur
Correlation in analysis of composite input scene
R. Kasztelanic
X-Ray diffraction study of structural quality of photorefractive BGO and BSO crystals
M. Mrozowicz and J. Gronkowski
Tomographic interferometry of optical phase microelements
W. Gorski
Some aspects of using A2BX4 crystals with incommensurate phases in digital recording 
M. Suchanska, S. Kaluza, and S. Lesniewski
Multimode interference waveguide structures made by ion exchange in glass and their applications in passive elements technology.
M. Blahut
last page 360

Vol. 9, No 4 and abstracts Page up
Evaluation of actual PV modules performance at low insolation conditions
T. Zdanowicz, T. Rodziewicz, and M. Zabkowska-Waclawek
Design consideratins for InGaN/GaN/AlGaN quantum well lasers
T. Czyszanowski and W. Nakwaski
Testing of military optoelectronic systems
K. Chrzanowski
Relationship between deep levels and R0A product in HgCdTe diodes
S.K. Singh, V. Gopal, and R.M. Mehra
HgCdTe MBE grown LWIR linear arrays
F.F. Sizov, V.V. Vasiliev, D.G. Esaev, V.N. Ovsyuk, Yu.G. Sidorov, V.P. Reva, A.G. Golenkov, V.V. Zabudsky, and J.V. Gumenjuk-Sychevskaya
Near infrared transillumination-back scattering (NIRT-BS) – a new method for non-invasive monitoring of changes in width of subarachnoid space and magnitude of cerebrovascular pulsation
A.F. Frydrychowski, M. Rojewski, W. Guminski, J. Kaczmarek, and W. Juzwa
Application of transillumination quotient for monitoring of the instantaneous width of the subarachnoid space
A.F. Frydrychowski, M. Rojewski, W. Guminski, J. Kaczmarek, and W. Juzwa
Fibre optic distributed sensor of vibration in unbalanced Michelson’s interferometer configuration
M. Szustakowski, M. Chojnacki, M. Zyczkowski, and N. Palka

A hollow cathode discharge modification as source of sputtered atoms and their ions
D. Zhechev, S. Tileva, G.V. Mishinsky, and V.I. Zhemenik

A device for light scatterometry on single levitated droplets
D. Jakubczyk, M. Zientara, W. Bazhan, M. Kolwas, and K. Kolwas
Dependence of electrical conductance of a-Si:H films on Na concentration in glass substrate
B. Pantchev, P. Danesh, U. Kreissig, and B. Schmidt
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