Subject index to volume 10
1. Fibre optics
2. Holograpy
3. Infrared detectors
4. Infrared techniques
5. Infrared transillumination
6. Liquid crystals
7. MOCVD epitaxy
8. Nanotechnology
9. III-V Nitrides
10. Raman spectroscopy
11. Sensors
12. Solitons
13. Ultraviolet detectors
14. Ultraviolet LEDs
15. Ultraviolet techniques
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Fibre optics Page up
Four-level signalling in fiber optic transmission of two different bit rates data streams 105
Optical fibre interferometric system for Doppler effect measurement 185
Investigation of electroluminophores for their practical application in optical fibre sensor technology 193
Measurement of full-polarisation parameters using in-line fibre-optic polarimetric device 199
Holograpy Page up
Novel Fourier approach to digital holography 89
Infrared detectors Page up
HgCdTe infrared detectors 159
Maximisation of signal-to-noise ratio in infrared radiation receivers 209
Infrared techniques Page up
Optimisation of a pulsed IR source for NDIR gas analysers 97
Infrared devices and techniques 111
Infrared transillumination Page up
Spectral analysis of mechanical and respiratory influences on width of subarachnoid space assessed with non-invasive method of near-infrared transillumination/back scattering sounding 151
Monitorning of subarachnoid space and cerebrovascular pulsation with near-infrared transillumination/back scattering new aspects of the method 175
Liquid crystals Page up
Thermochromic liquid crystals applied for heat transfer research 1
Investigations of the diffraction efficiency in dye-doped LC cells under low frequency AC voltage 11
Antiferroelectric and V-shape liquid crystal on silicon microdisplays 17
Numerical modelling of LCD electro-optical performance 23
Significance of reflection reduction in a TN display for colour visualisation 35
Electrooptical properties of metal organic ionic liquid crystals 39
Unusual behaviour of binary mixtures of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystals with three chiral centres 47
Influence of light on self-diffraction process in liquid crystal cells with photoconducting polymeric layers 53
Dynamic behaviour of nematic polymers in a magnetic field 63
Tuned liquid crystalline interferometer analysis by means of generalised Berreman matrix  69
Liquid crystal display unit for reconfigurable instrument for automotive applications 75
Photorefractivity of dye-doped NLC layers and possibility of their application 93
MOCVD epitaxy Page up
Advances in MOCVD technology for research, development and mass production of compound semiconductor devices 237
Nanotechnology Page up
Plasmon polaritons in metal nanostructures: the optoelectronic route to nanotechnology 217
III-V Nitrides Page up
Recent advances in gate dielectrics and polarised light emission from GaN 231
Codoping of wide gap epitaxial III-Nitride semiconductors 243
Reduction in dislocation density and strain in GaN thin films grown via maskless pendo-epitaxy 261
AlGaN and InAlGaN alloys - epitaxial growth, optical and electrical properties, and applications 271
Raman spectroscopy Page up
Raman investigation of sol-gel-derived hybrid polymers for optoelectronics 137
Sensors Page up
Liquid crystals as active elements of sensors based on planar waveguide 79
Solitons Page up
Soliton like solutions and subsurface behaviour of the nematic layer 43
Spatial solitons interaction in liquid crystalline waveguides 59
Ultraviolet detectors Page up
UV detectors and focal plane array imagers based on AlGaN p-i-n photodiodes 251
Properties of metal-semiconductor-metal and Schottky barrier GaN detectors 291
Ultraviolet LEDs Page up
Heteroepitaxial technology for high-efficiency UV light-emitting diode 225
280 nm UV LEDs grown on HVPE GaN substrates 287
Ultraviolet techniques Page up
Sources of ultraviolet light and systems for its shaping for photoelectrical investigation of semiconductor structures 145
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