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Vol. 8, No 1
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Photoreflectance spectroscopy of low-dimensional semiconductor structures
J. Misiewicz, P. Sitarek, and G. Sek
The development of nitride-based UV photodetectors
D. Walker and M. Razeghi
AlxGa1–xN based UV visible-blind photodetector device applications
F. Omnes, E. Monroy, F. Calle, E. Munoz, B. Reaumont, and P. Gibart
Porous silicon layer as antireflection coating in solar cells
P. Panek, M. Lipinski, and H. Czternastek
Impact of frequency response of two-segment semiconductor laser on dispersion supported transmission with a binary optical signal at the receiver
K. Perlicki and J. Siuzdak
YAG:V3+ – new passive Q-switch for lasers generating radiation within near infrared range
Z. Mierczyk and Z. Frukacz
Photreceiver of a rangefinder operating within eyesafe radiation range
Z. Bielecki, K. Chmielewski, T. Piatkowski, and E. Powiada
Vol. 8, No 2 
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Special Issue, Optical Waveguide Technology
Editorial  R. Romaniuk
Simulation of optical phenomena in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers. Part I: Fundamental principles 
W. Nakwaski 
Simulation of optical phenomena in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers. Part II: Models W. Nakwaski 
Tensile strength of tailored optical fibers 
R. Romaniuk 
Present state and perspectives involving application of ion exchange in glass
A. Opilski, R. Rogozinski, K. Gut, M. Blahut, and Z. Opilski
Complex refractive index concept for the description of evanescent wave sensor 
J. Rayss and G. Sudolski
Active fluoride glasses for laser applications
R. Stepien, K. Jedrzejewski, D. Pysz, K. Harasny, Z. Mierczyk, and M. Kwasny 
Radiation amplification identification in optical fibre amplifiers
J. Kruszewski and M. Borecki 
Biconical fused taper – a universal fibre devices technology
K. Jedrzejewski 
Process optimisation of the arc fusion splicing different types of single mode telecommunication fibers
M. Ratuszek, Z. Zakrzewski, J. Majewski, and M.J. Ratuszek 
Hybrid optical fibre binary sensors 
F. Szczot 
In-line fibre-optic ellipsometer for the sensors application 
L.R. Jaroszewicz and A. Kiezun 
Polarimetric sensors for weigh-in-motion of road vehicles
P. Wierzba and B. Kosmowski
Optical communications research in the Institute of Telecommunication of the Warsaw University of technology
J. Siuzdak, K. Holejko, and A. Kowalski 
Continuous wave laser celiometer with code modulation for measurements of cloud base height
K. Holejko and R. Nowak 
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III-Nitride wide bandgap semiconductors: a survey of the current status and future trends of the material and device technology
P. Kung and M. Razeghi 
Asymmetric multiple quantum well heterostructure laser systems: conception, performance, and characteristics
V.K. Kononenko, A.A. Afonenko, I.S. Manak, and S.V. Nalivko 
Photoelectric properties of HgMnTe photodiodes with ion etched p-n junctions 
L. A. Kosyachenko, I. M. Rarenko, S. Weiguo, L. Zengxiong, and G. Qibing 
Imaging properties of As40S40Se20 layers
V.A. Stroinski and M. Vlcek 
Optimised tapered beam propagation 
S. Sujecki 

Vol. 8, No 4 Page up
Recent advances in the understanding of a-Si:H based materials and performance of their solar cells
C.R. Wronski, L. Jiao, R. Koval, and R.W. Collins
Fabrication of large area photovoltaic devices containing various blends of polymer and fullerene derivatives by using the doctor blade technique
F. Padinger, C.J. Brabec, T. Fromherz, J.C. Hummelen, and N.S. Sariciftci
Long term stability of dye-sensitized solar cells for large area power applications
R. Kern, N. Van der Burg, G. Chmiel, J. Ferber, G. Hasenhindl, A. Hinsch, R. Kinderman, J. Kroon, A. Meyer, T. Meyer, R. Niepmann, J. van Roosmalen, C. Schill, P. Sommeling, M. Späth and I. Uhlendorf
Modelling of thyristor-like thin-film solar cell and simulations under different solar radiation intensities
K. Brecl, F. Smole, and J. Furlan
Quantum chemical models of defects in thin silicon films
J. Dzelme, B. Zapol, and A. Misiuk
Quantitative study of solar cells based on Cu-In-S based absorber layers grown by the CISCuT-process
S. Degrave, M. Burgelman, and P. Nollet
Advanced concepts of industrial technologies of crystalline silicon solar cells
J. Szufcik, F. Duerinckx, J. Horzel, E. Van Kerschaver, R. Einhaus, K. De Clercq, H. Dekkers, and J. Nijs
Rear passivation of thin multicrystalline silicon solar cells
S. Bowden, F. Duerinckx, J. Szlufcik, and J. Nijs
Silicon surface texturing by reactive ion etching
H. Dekkers, F. Duerinckx, J. Szlufcik, and J. Nijs
Combined thermal diffusion – ion implantation fabrication processing for silicon solar cells
L. Kreinin, N. Bordin, N. Eisenberg, G. Grigorieva, K. Zviagina, and M. Kagan
Structural disturbances of near-surface areas in silicon solar cell modified by P+ ion implantation and thermal treatment
J.T. Bonarski, M. Zehetbauer, Z. Swiatek, I.M. Fodchuk, I. Kopacz, S. Bernstorff, and H. Amenitsch
Laser scanning of amorphous silicon photovoltaic modules with different bias conditions
S. Roschier, G. Agostinelli, and E. D. Dunlop
How to build a photovoltaic system
T. Markvart, R.J. Arnold, and W. He
Silicon thin film multijunction solar cells
A. Kolodziej, C.R. Wronski, P. Krewniak, and S. Nowak
Reverse-bias DLTS for investigation of the interface region of thin film solar cells
M. Igalson, P. Zabierowski, A. Romeo, and L. Stolt
Heterostructures GexSi1–x/Si as a material for solar cells
E.M. Sheregii. M.M. Pociak, G. Tomaka, T. Kakol, and M.A. Pociak
Application of stain etched porous silicon in c-Si solar cells
D. Dimova-Malinovska
Design and application of autonomous data acquisition systems used as calibration and qualification tool in photovoltaics
T. Zdanowicz and H. Roguszczak
Independent photovoltaic system
J. Chojnacki and J. Teneta
Crystal growth and characterisation of In-rich phases in Cu-In-Ga-Se system
J. I. Filipowicz, R. Bacewicz and A. Wolska
Electrical characterisation of CdTe/CdS photovoltaic devices
M. Wimbor, A. Romeo, and M. Igalson
Admittance measurements on CIGS solar cells
A. Kubiaczyk, M. Nawrocka, and M. Igalson 
Nonlinear dependence of optical gap of a-Si1–xGex:H films on Ge content (x<0,4)
D. Dimova-Malinovska
Formation and relaxation of metastable defects in amorphous silicon
S.M. Pietruszko and M. Kostana
Photosensitive microporous silicon based structures
V. Pacebutas, K. Grigoras, V. Jasutis, S. Kaciulis, M. Mickevicus, J. Sabataityte, V. Snitka, and I. Šimkiene
Analysis of the crystallisation of GaAs/Si heterostructures
J. M. Olchowik, A. Zdyb, D. Szymczuk, J. Mucha, K. Zabielski, W. Sadowski, and M. Mucha
Maximum power point tracking for PV generator feeding different DC motor drive systems
J. Kolano, P. Filipek, and M. Niechaj
Nitrogen containing diamond-like carbon films as protective and fluorescent layers for silicon solar cells
V.G. Litovchenko, N.I. Klyui, V.P. Kostylyov, V.I. Gorbulik, and Y.P. Piryatinskii
Silicon solar cells with antireflecting and protective coatings based on diamond-like carbon and silicon carbide films
N.I. Klyui, V.G. Litovchenko, V.P. Kostylyov, A.G. Rozhin, V.I. Gorbulik, M.A. Voronkin, and N.I. Zaika
Development of gettering processes for the preparation of the solar silicon material
A.A. Efremov, N.I. Klyui, V.G. Litovchenko, V.G. Popov, A.B. Romanyuk, and B.N. Romanyuk
Porous silicon in solar cell structures
V. Yerokhov, I. Melnyk, A. Tsisaruk, and I. Semochko
Influence of the porous silicon on the parameters of silicon solar cells
M. Lipinski, P. Panek, E. Bielanska, J. Weglowska, and H. Czternastek
X-ray diffracting investigation of strain distribution in silicon implanted by phosphorus
Z. Swiatek, J. Bonarski, R. Ciach, I.M. Fodchuk, M.D. Raransky, and O.G. Gimchinsky
Modifications of post-implantation defects and their activity by annealing procedure
Z.T. Kuznicki, M. Ley, and P. Hollinger

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